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Program Overview

  • Age Group: Eighteen years and above (18+).

  • Focus: It’s our mandate to prepare players for professional and semi-professional footballers.

  • Duration: Year-round intensive training sessions.

"Pathway to Professionalism Program" at Livity Academy

 Forge Your Path to the Professional Arena

Welcome to the “Pathway to Professionalism Program” at Livity Academy, a premier training ground for individuals aged eighteen (18) and above, aspiring to break into the professional football world. This program is meticulously designed for advanced players who are ready to transition from amateur to professional football. At Livity Academy, we focus on honing your skills, tactical knowledge and overall professional readiness, preparing you for the demands and opportunities of a football career at the highest level.

Why the Pathway to Professionalism Program?
  1. Professional-Level Training: High-intensity training sessions that replicate the professional football environment.
  2. Advanced Tactical Insight: Deep tactical analysis and strategic understanding of the game at a professional level.
  3. Physical and Mental Preparation: A comprehensive fitness and mental strength training tailored for the rigors of professional play.
  4. Exposure to Professional Opportunities: Connections with scouts, and clubs, and create opportunities for professional exposure.
  5. Career Guidance and Support: We give personalized advice and support for navigating the path to a professional football career.
Program Features
  • Elite Skill Development: Advanced training focusing on perfecting skills and mastering professional techniques.
  • In Depth Tactical Training: Understanding complex game strategies, player roles, and match analysis.
  • Peak Physical Conditioning: Customized fitness programs for optimum performance and injury prevention.
  • Mental Toughness and Resilience: Training in psychological resilience, focus, and handling pressure.
  • Professional Exposure and Networking: Opportunities to showcase talent in front of scouts and build connections within the football industry.
  • Lifestyle Management and Nutrition: Guidance on maintaining a diet and lifestyle conducive to a professional athlete.
  • Media and Communication Skills: We train our players in public speaking, media interaction, and personal branding.
Join the Pathway to Professionalism Program

If you are committed to pursuing a career in professional football, Livity Academy’s “Pathway to Professionalism Program” offers the environment, training, and support you need to realize your ambitions. With our expert coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and extensive network, we are here to help you achieve your football dreams.


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Embark on your professional football journey with Livity Academy and transform your potential into a successful career.

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