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Program Overview

  • Age Group: Our age group falls between thirteen to seventeen (13-17) Years old.
  • Focus: Our focus is on Skill enhancement, tactical knowledge, and personal development
  • Duration: It’s a Comprehensive session throughout the year

"Developing Mastery Program" at Livity Academy

 Elevate Your Game to Elite Levels.

We welcome you to our “Developing Mastery Program” at Livity Academy which is tailored for passionate footballers aged between thirteen to Seventeen (13 to 17) years old. This program is designed for young athletes ready and prepared to advance their skills, understand the deeper tactical aspects of football, and prepare for higher-level competition.

At Livity Academy, we focus on transforming budding talents into skilled, tactical players ready to take on the challenges of advanced football.

Why the Developing Mastery Program
  1. Advanced Skill Training: Our training sessions is focused on how to refine and enhance football techniques and skills.
  2. Tactical Understanding: Our In-depth exploration of football tactics, game strategies and positional play.
  3. Physical and Mental Conditioning: Tailored fitness regimes and mental resilience training for the demands of competitive play.
  4. 4. Exposure to Competitive Football: Our participation in local and regional tournaments to experience real game scenarios is our hallmark.
  5. Holistic Player Development: We emphasis on personal growth, sportsmanship and academic support alongside football training.
Program Features
  • Skill Enhancement: Our specialized training is to help develop advanced football skills, including ball control, accurate passing, and shooting techniques.
  • Tactical Workshops: Our sessions are well-focused on understanding game formations, strategies, and player roles.
  • Physical Fitness: A customized training program for developing strength, stamina, agility, and speed.
  • Mental Toughness: We build resilience, confidence, and focus for on-field performance.
  • Competitive Opportunities: We regularly participate in tournaments and matches to apply skills in a competitive setting.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance: Education on maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle that supports athletic performance.
Join the Developing Mastery Program

Our programs are ideal for young athletes who are serious about their football journey and eager to elevate their game. At Livity Academy, we provide the necessary tools, training and support necessary to help our players thrive in the competitive world of football.


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