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Program Overview

  • Age Group: 6-12 Years old.
  • Focus: Introduction to football, fundamental skills, teamwork, and fun.
  • Duration: Tailored sessions throughout the year.

"First Touch Program" at Livity Academy.

Embark on Your Football Journey with Confidence and Joy.

Welcome to the “First Touch Program” at Livity Academy, where the football journey begins for young enthusiasts aged 6 to 12. Our program is specially designed to introduce children to the world of football in a nurturing, fun and engaging environment. We believe that the first experience with football should be about learning, enjoyment  and developing a lifelong love for it.

Why Choose the First Touch Program?

Below are the most important reason you should choose our first Touch Program:

  1. Foundational Skill Development: We introduce the basics of football such as passing, dribbling, and shooting to ensuring a strong foundation for future growth.
  2. Fun and Engaging Learning: Our sessions are designed to be more fun and engaging by keeping children excited about learning football.
  3. Safe and Positive Environment: Safety and precautional measures are paramount in our program. We create a positive and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and encouraged.
  4. Professional and Passionate Coaches: Our coaches are not only skilled in football but are also experienced in working with children and ensuring a great learning experience.
  5. Emphasis on Teamwork and Sportsmanship: We teach the importance of building teamwork, fair play, and respect for others with lessons that are valuable both on and off the field.
Program Features:
  • Basic Football Techniques: Our children learn the fundamental skills of football in a structured and enjoyable way.
  • Physical Fitness: We have age-appropriate physical activities to improve coordination, balance and overall fitness.Games and Activities: We organise regular mini-matches and fun activities to apply the skills learned in a practical setting.
  • Character Building: At Livity Academy we focus on developing different qualities such as discipline, teamwork, and confidence.
  • Parental Involvement: We encourage parents to get involved in their child’s football journey and provide regular updates on their progress and performance.
Program Features:

Whether your child has a dream of becoming a professional footballer or simply wants to enjoy playing the game, the “First Touch Program” at Livity Academy is the perfect starting point. Our program is designed to ignite a passion for football and lay the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.


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At Livity Academy, we are excited to welcome you and your child to our football family and start this wonderful journey together.

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